Get back to doing what you LOVE to do.

Are there tasks in your business that are completely draining your energy? Or how about tasks that just take up way too much damn time?

It’s time to outsource, girl!

There’s a package for that.

Whether it’s growing your business’ online presence through social media content or increasing efficiency and organization in your business - OA Virtual Assisting can create the perfect package for you.


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I’ve always loved to make things look pretty…

Welcome to OA Virtual Assisting - my name is Brittany.

I’ve always been interested in social media – and specifically harnessing the power of social media to earn an income online. So making the decision to dive in a try this, was an easy (albeit scary) one for me. I ended up in Social Media Management (no surprise here). Since then, I’ve dabbled in a few other things, and learned a ton about social media and digital marketing, but I always found myself being drawn back to Social Media Management. Then, over the summer of 2020, I kept seeing this title of Virtual Assistant floating around – and that was when everything just sort of clicked.

Why did becoming a Virtual Assistant come so naturally to me?

Well if you know me this one is self-explanatory but if you don’t, let me summarize for you. I’m wired to be a VA – and I mean that with my entire freaking soul. I am naturally: Organized, highly structured & plan oriented, a data and spreadsheet junkie; I’ve got that eye for detail like no other (don’t try to fool me, I’ll see your mistakes), and I’m all about content aesthetics (I just like to make things look pretty). I’m also a decent writer (hello writing camps as a kid – by choice!) SO when I realized what a Virtual Assistant was, I HAD TO make this happen.

It’s who I am, so here we are.

Contact Britt

Need to reach me? Send me an email! OR click the link below to fill out my contact form.

Talk soon! -B

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